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Connie Clem 2020 portraitI’m Connie Clem, owner of Clem Information Strategies. I’m here to help you share your expertise and make a difference.

After working with information on justice and corrections policy and practice for more than 30 years, I understand the issues and the solutions that matter. I speak the language of public safety.

  • If you’re a leader, I can help your share your vision.
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Core skills

  • Training & development – live and recorded virtual events; interviews, panels, education; curriculum development
  • Writing & editorial – proceedings, articles, surveys, policy & procedure
  • Online – websites, communities, social media, graphics

About corrections

Corrections is a uniquely complex area of public affairs. It touches on all areas of human experience, and to work in this area requires that we respect the individuality and humanity of everyone involved:  people who come in contact with the justice system and those who work within it.

Prisons, jails, and community supervision agencies continue to evolve and improve. That’s the good news. But their progress often isn’t recognized by the public these agencies serve. It makes it that much harder to create the organizations of the future.

It’s time for our communities to speak up for what they value, and for our agencies to be more effective at sharing their progress and earning more of the appreciation they deserve.

What clients say

“There has been a paucity of information on the ACA Core Jail Standards, and lots of practitioners don’t understand what they are. This article is so clear and straightforward in explaining all the basics. Just what we needed. Thank you!”

“Connie approaches projects with a thoughtfulness that is unparalleled in most other people.”

“What an amazing gift and blessing. We couldn’t have done it without you. You are our angel.”

“With Connie’s help on a project I am able to focus on pursuing the business relationships that will keep our company growing.”

“Connie is the person to go to when you need to understand the difference between a prison and a jail.”

“Creative but not flaky.”

“Creative and able to view the big picture while being concerned about the smallest detail.”