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The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) has hosted network meetings for administrators of large jails to share their knowledge on legal, operational, and policy issues. Connie wrote the proceedings for several of these meetings, capturing issues, insights, and practical strategies.

Connie co-designed a series of NIC focus groups to explore the scope of training that could help local jails attract and retain a diverse, effective, and healthy staff. Connie also wrote a report summarizing the focus group findings.

NIC wanted to ensure its training services were aligned with what its constituent agencies in state and local government needed. Connie led a team that designed a national survey and collected and analyzed more than 500 responses. The survey findings validated NIC’s training content and prepared the agency to meet new priority topics.

Senate policy-makers were drafting legislation on prison sentencing and supervised release. Meanwhile, state legislatures were considering bills to align with future federal funding incentives. Connie’s team at the NIC Information Center talked daily with staff in every state to monitor their legislation, and Connie compiled the findings for quick comparison by Senate staff. As a result, people convicted of serious and violent crimes served sentences that were more consistent nationally, improving public safety.

In an NIC project to help local justice facility planners learn about optimal jail design and management, Connie conducted national research on “direct supervision” jails. Results were published and used to create an online, searchable database.

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