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When public sector budgets are tight, agency leaders need ideas for cost control. Connie interviewed 22 jail administrators to learn where they succeeded in stretching their resources or finding ways to reduce expenses. Her analysis was published by a national professional association for readers in more than 3,000 local detention agencies.

Connie wrote an article in American Jails magazine with examples of how to share a jail’s positive news with the community.

Connie wrote an essay on an e-journal project as an example of community-building. Read An Online Community Is Born: NIC’s National Jail Exchange in 2012 Best Practices for Government Libraries (pp. 76-77).

Read Connie’s interview with NIC Jails Division Chief Virginia Hutchinson in LJN Exchange 2007.

Read Connie’s interview with Dr. Tom Reid, NIC Correctional Program Specialist, on training as a tool for strategic management in LJN Exchange 2004.

For a professional association with outdated and incomplete operational guidelines, Connie reorganized the policies and procedures, designed a standard format, and wrote the content with input from teams. “Reinventing the wheel” became a thing of the past.

Connie conducted interviews with correctional experts Mark Bolton, former administrator of the Louisville (Kentucky) Metro Department of Corrections, and Stacy Sinner, former director of the Olmstead County jail in Minnesota

Connie hosted a webinar on consular notification requirements for jails that hold foreign nationals, with a speaker from the U.S. Department of State.

When the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) decided to launch an online journal to share state and local officials’ expertise on challenging topics, Connie conceptualized the National Jail Exchange, recruited authors, edited their submissions, and curated content from other online sources. The NJE ranked as the most visited section of the NIC website.

Connie developed a Facebook page for “We Need NIC” – a place to hear the grassroots voices supporting an small but important federal agency with a big impact.

Connie created microsites for the U.S. Deparment of Justice on various special topics:

This article is so clear and straightforward in explaining all the basics. Just what we needed. Thank you!

Federal agency official

Connie has the rare ability to be able to blend technical skills with communication skills and apply them both successfully to a very complex website.

Andrea Carrero, Black Ink Marketing

Connie's contribution to a project is invaluable. It allows us to communicate the concept of a project and know that the end result will be polished.

Joanne Currie, Splash Café

With Connie's help on a project, I am able to concentrate on other aspects of the project because I know Connie's end product will be in keeping with our agency's standard of quality. Connie's contribution to a project is that it allows us to deliver an excellent product to our consumers.

Federal agency official

Connie is easy to work with and makes technology look easy. She also understands the complexities of the corrections field and cares about making our field perform at higher levels.

Mark E. Bolton, jail administrator (retired)
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