Government Online

GovernmentonlinecoverWhat does a government agency leader need to know in order to plan and implement new online communications and services?

Government Online: Improving Services and Engaging Communities lays out the answer in a process that tames the cloud of possibilities and lets you harness the IT side instead of being driven by IT.

Emphasis is on integrating online services to better support agency operations.

Chapters address:

  • Understanding today’s changing environment for online government.
  • Assessing your agency’s needs for online services, communication, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Translating needs into a plan.
  • Implementing new online systems (also addressing staff buy-in and how to work with IT).
  • Using the social media for outreach and impact.
  • Considerations for launching a new online presence or new features.
  • Six case studies from agencies in the U.S., Australia, and Denmark, demonstrating how to design for users, create efficient new online services, engage citizens in decision-making, and more.

Buy this practical guide for agency leaders who want to do more with their web sites and need to know how to bring mission, people, and technology together.

Government Online: Improving Services and Engaging Communities
ISBN 978-1-906355-82-1
Published by the Ark Group

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